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My name is Debra Scott and have so many people benefiting from cbd oil. Including me, with panic attacks and Hashimotos. One man is now prostate cancer free now after taking it for about 10 months. It is helping so many people, with so many things. I order 10 bottles at a time. It has literally changed my life the benefits of this product are countless this why I created to spread the word and tell my story to inspire other.

Due to its relaxing effect, cannabidiol may have pain-relieving effects on muscular or arthritic pain. The use of CBD in Sativex, a medicine to relieve multiple sclerosis, is a good example. Research on this substance is also promising for the fight against cancer.

CBD and chronic pain

What about chronic pain? The research is still in its infancy and at this stage it is still too early to say for sure. However, many people say that a CBD oil treatment is effective even in chronic pain.

THC and CBD combined: the perfect soothing?

Used as a medicinal plant for millennia, Cannabis Sativa L. does not exist in nature without THC or CBD. Even hemp produced in France contains a tiny dose of THC. The natural balance of this duo, would be a kind of key to multiply the power of pain of this botanical species. Numerous foreign scientific studies have thus concluded that the coupled use of tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol would possess superior anesthetic properties if either molecule had been used alone.

This article and the information reported above are for informational purposes only and do not substitute for the advice of your doctor. To find out if CBD can be helpful in your case: Consult the advice of a health professional.

A non-restorative sleep

CBD would accelerate recovery during sleep. A faster sleep and especially without the harmful effects of somnispliff equivalent to those of sleeping pills


Mood and state of form can play on chronic pain. Thanks to its rebalancing function of the homeostasis of the human body, CBD would reduce anxiety disorders. Quiet, cool and straight in his sneakers.

Post-traumatic stress

Following a traumatic event, a person may end up in constant stress. For the same reasons as anxiety, CBD could help relax and relax. In Canada, CBD treatments have proven effective on many war veterans.

CBD is a component of cannabis. No medicine contains it in France, but CBD oil is available in some specialized stores or in e-liquid. CBD can be vaporized, ingested as oils or applied as a cream. The Body Shop has recently released a range of cosmetics based on hemp, without mentioning the composition of cannabinoids.

Treatment for various diseases


The antineoplastic properties found in cannabis can inhibit the development of cancer cells and tumors. By stimulating the apoptotic networks in the body, the immune system can effectively destroy the cancer cells.

Multiple sclerosis (MS)

Multiple sclerosis causes severe chronic pain in people who suffer from it. The body’s immune system attacks nerve endings, causing constant pain. Cannabidiol has been shown to relieve chronic pain associated with multiple sclerosis.


There is still much to learn about the anticonvulsant effects of cannabidiol, but researchers agree that they are real and potent. This makes cannabidiol an extremely promising treatment option for epilepsy.

The Depression

According to research, CBD has antidepressant effects in mice. THC also has these properties, leaving the user with a feeling of lightness, euphoria and relaxation.


Current research suggests that cannabidiol is an effective and well tolerated alternative therapy in patients with schizophrenia. It has anxiolytic and antipsychotic benefits that help patients with schizophrenia as well as a range of other conditions including bipolar disorder.


Cannabidiol treatment significantly reduced the incidence of diabetes in mice, ranging from 86% in untreated mice to only 30% in mice receiving CBD. These results indicate that cannabidiol can inhibit and delay the production of inflammatory and destructive cytokine and insulin.